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Muzali Arts Limited
B-44, Plot No. 3, Manav Mandir Road, Yerla, Nagpur - 441501

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Every piece housed at Muzali is a treasured creation of Murtuza and Deepali, a range
of high standard artistic selection!

Muzali is such a labour of love that celebrates uniqueness, class, craftsmanship and off course quality. Founded in 1998 in the Unites States of America, Muzali has come a long way. With our eclectic and inimitable artefact blend, we cater to high-end clients, designers, architects and auction houses. Muzali is the one-stop destination that offers the most exquisite pieces of fine art, collectibles, furniture and home décor from all across the world

Muzali is gatha of passion and promise. Passion to showcase
pieces that last a lifetime.

Antiques, Sculptures & Furniture’s

Setting Up Turnkey Projects

Interior & Exterior Designing

Merchandise Global Exports

Our Business Verticals

We believe that talent can outline characters and transform a space. It is our industry knowledge, execution skills and a never-give-up attitude that gave us strength and paved way to expand our business in different verticals. Today we not only excel in antiques, sculptures and furniture but also in interior and exterior design as well as exports of merchandise. We aid our clients in setting up their turn key projects, transforming a mere space into a piece of art!

We are certified exporters for America,  Italy France, United Kingdom, U.A.E, South Africa and Australia.

Our aim was to bring us closer to our inspiration for contemporary to traditional collection that Indian art movements broadly cover. Believing in  sustainable development, we have provided employment to over 500+ natives while maintaining our uniqueness in product and service offerings. Today, our outlet in India has grown to become one of the largest showrooms in Central India and Muzali Arts Limited.

Our journey of timeless sculptures, paintings artifacts and great artists across the world.

In this endeavor of ours, it didn’t take us time to spread our wings and we moved to India in the year 2009 with a showroom and an artisanal workshop in Central India’s leading city, Nagpur. Believing in sustainable development we have provided employement to numerous natives. Today, our outlet in India has grown to become one of the largest showrooms in Central India and Muzali Arts Limited is the only listed company in the country who deals in Antiques, Furnitures and Artifacts. Our Business Verticals.

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